Community Services


A look into RCCH’s Community Service Projects
Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan works towards betterment of society and community
welfare . For this the club has 4 projects under community welfare. These projects are aas listed

1. Cleanliness and Waste Management  :                               

This project seeks to promote and ensure a clean and green India. RCCH has its own Swachh Bharat Mission in the form of this project. Various workshops ,surveys and drives are organised to educate rural and urban people about the need of cleanliness in both personal and social life.

2.Pankh :

Seeking to eradicate taboos related to menstruation and to promote healthy menstruation RCCH launched project Pankh which aims to spread awareness about menstruation in both men and women and enable them to talk about it freely. Various workshops, campaigns and surveys are conducted for the same.

3. Animal Welfare :

RCCH works for the better life for the meek animals and for this Animal Welfare Project has
been launched. This project aims to abolish cruelty towards animals and works for the better life
for stray animals.

4. Grey Shades:

RCCH seeks to spread smiles by making other’s life better by various events and projects.
Project Grey Shades is one such project which seeks to spread smiles between the elder and
senior citizens by interacting with them so as to improve their physical and psychological health

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