Crushing the talent and intelligence of the building blocks of our nation is just equal to painting the future of India in grey colours.How can we expect development and growth without strengthening the pillars.Educating them in a right way can enlighten their lives so that they can bring light to others.

Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan works with the motive to uplift the status of poor and needy children by providing them free access to education and thus we have many projects for the same.

  • Happy Schools:

    Happy School is not just a classroom providing good infrastructure to students like benches,blackboards,stationery and books,these are “the temples of learning” that make the dreams of the students a reality.This is where talent and skill proliferate. Here,the children are provided with a proper environment to enhance their abilities and skill set. It also paves the way for the students for self realization and confidence. With the help of the sessions at the happy schools,children learn to develop leadership qualities also.

  • Apni Pathshala

    Students from the poor strata of society come daily to attend classes at the Apni Paathshaala where their aspirations for wholesome education is fulfilled by the volunteers of RCCH family who teach them with full dedication and devotion.It promotes interactive study sessions.The atmosphere provided to them is very friendly and helps them to grow.

  • Child Development

    In this fast paced world it’s very difficult to survive without a support which a child should be given while growing up. The overall development of the child who study with us at Apni Pathshala as well as Happy Schools need to be encouraged not just for education but also for emotional refinement and thus RCCH started with Child Development. This project aims on overall growth of the students emotionally, and also in inculcating in them the sense of leadership, peace and social bonding .

  • Adult Literacy:

    The RCCH club also addresses the need of providing education to the adults who have not been able to get proper education or not educated at all due to poverty and other social issues.It promotes literacy campaign in which the adults are made to learn various subjects usefull for their daily life and also they can help their children with their studies.

This way we aim on building a strong and powerful nation so that we can utilise all the hidden talent and knowledge in our country to make it a super power one day.

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