Let's dive deep into what we offer!

We have various Projects and Committees in store. By projects, we refer to any long term commitment  and Committees are a set of groups providing a professional environment for ones area of interest.


This committee works behind the scenes and covers every glimpse of our activities. The photography enthusiasts form a part of this team. They are also editing enthusiasts, who are responsible for photo and video editing, making teasers and trailers for events. Every event, every special memory of our club is incomplete without this team. 

The snapshots committee also organizes workshops & training sessions throughout the tenure on Photography & editing skills.


Eloquence can simply be defined as an upgraded and a much fluent form of language delivered in an impactful manner. The Eloquence committee celebrates this form of language and provides a platform to the rising buds of the society to groom and upraise themselves while giving back to the ones in need.

They not only celebrate speaking, but also the emotions of settling ideas and establishing like minded surroundings through a set of words. Grace, consistency, clear and concise grammar with rational and emotional arguments along with critical thinking, personal

development and leadership skills, we provide it all here.


Modern way of keeping in touch with people we know, as well as being aware of the current situations is possible due to the existence of social media.


The Social Media Committee serves as the backbone of our organization. The committee consists of some creative minds who are responsible for coordination with Team Illustrations, Team Content Writing & Team Snapshots. This committee provides a deep insight into the world of Digital Marketing. The Committee’s significance has increased in the current pandemic situation for the upcoming events. It acts as a bridge which connects our club to the rest of the world.


If management is an Art, Marketing is its heart!!

The marketing committee is one of the most important and most interesting committees of the club. Not only does it lead to skill enhancement,  but also gives a wonderful insight into the real world elements of marketing. The committee, by ensuring its positive brand image in the market ,and by pitching the right companies for brand endorsements and cross promotions has many collaborations to its credit like Hyundai, GBP, Nestle, Uber, Zomato, VRPUNJAB and many more.

It comprises a holistic group of students working relentlessly on our vision to turn possibilities into reality.


Canvas Committee is the most creative and innovative Committee of the Club. This Committee is for all the creative buds who want to learn and grow as well as make others learn in the field of ‘Art & Craft’.

The main agenda of Canvas committee is to make its members learn through working in events and workshops. Next, they instill the quality of leadership so that the members can lead their flagships as able leaders. Finally, they prepare the members to compete.

The committee presents its share of contribution towards the betterment of the society by undertaking programs such as teaching art & craft to the kids of Apni Pathshala and celebrating various occasions and festivals with the underprivileged in an artistic way.

Thus, the committee has been awarded with the “Best presentation” award in Tenure end presentation for being extraordinarily creative.


Illustrations committee has the responsibility to provide quality graphics to RCCH’s social media managers.

They develop Graphic Designers from the initial stage and polish the creativity inside them. You might join as a beginner but you’ll surely excel your skills during the tenure and love creating vectors and playing with them to create an attractive design to please everyone’s eyes.

public relations

It is a back-end working committee that works to create awareness and a good public image of the club. The committee works to increase the credibility of the club. They maintain good relations with the media, influencers and with the public. They work to get pre and post promotions of the event. 

The committee has been responsible to get 100+ News prints & media coverage from some prominent TV Channels like ‘Doordarshan’.


Rotatech committee works to make the club technically sound. It deals with the technical activities taking place in the club. Rotatech, also organize the webinars and awareness programs to educate everyone. Our motto in our heart is to “serve the society with the best of Technology”. 

Apart from all the club activities, they also help each other in technical competitions like hackathons etc. We also organize interactive sessions for the members to explore different aspects, so that everyone can contribute to the club in their own way.


“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”


We all have creativity hidden amongst ourselves, sometimes, all we need is some place to express it. And if you too are searching for the same, than you’re at the right place, because this is what this beautiful committee does for you.


Himalayan Xpressions provides the Rotaractors with a platform to share their creativity with the world, be it in the form of paintings, photographs, write-ups, graphic designs, music, poetry and a lot more. This committee has a dedicated Instagram page of its own, to encourage the hidden artist in us come out. The committee’s sole purpose is to give wings to the creative self in everyone.


“Writing is the painting of the voice.”


The Content Writing committee forms the backbone of Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan, holding the club with the bobby pin of words. As the name suggests, the team is responsible for writing almost every content for the club, which includes social media captions, messages, emails, press notes and website content as well. Content Writing team houses some very creative minds, who work very hard to provide beautiful write-ups. 


Apart from the daily tasks, a number of other activities are also organized on a regular basis, for the members to interact with each other, and explore different aspects of the writing, such as poetry, book reviews etc.


A group of music enthusiasts who come together to learn and create music, RH Band is family with various types of musicians –  guitarists, percussionists, vocalists, etc. Everyone is free to make any kind of music and share with the team. 


RH Band performs in almost all the events that RCCH conducts throughout the year, making those events captivating, and memorable for every member.

RH BAND was invited for a talk show by the Desh Bhagat Radio 107.8FM (देश भगत रेडियो 107.8FM) in the tenue 2019-20.


Theatre committee is full of like minded people who are interested in acting & Theatre.   Team Theatre is full of talent & enthusiasm. The house of RH theatre offers you an exposure into the real world of Theatre. The committee aims at teaching you on how to improve your acting skills and how to present oneself on stage in front of thousands of viewers or in front of a lens.


Feets tapped together,

Moving according to weather,

Dancing to spread the glam

Himalayan’s forever fam-jam!

“Happy feet” is a highly celebrated committee of Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan that goes on adding glitter to every event and occasion. It is a dance group that performs in the flash mobs and has gathered huge applause in recognised institutes. It has the capability to attract a great number of masses through its stunning and meaningful dance performances.


Our organization has a huge network of alumni, who constantly support and motivate the current members. For maintaining cordial relations and keeping them connected to our club, ARCH committee has come into being. This committee acts as a bridge between Alumni and our club.

Meetings, fun sessions etc. are organized on a regular basis, where everyone can recollect the beautiful memories they made here, and get together to relive those good old times. We can express only and only gratitude to our Alumni, who have made Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan what it really is.


Happy School

The primary aim of the club is to improve the quality of education by providing good infrastructure to the students by way of maintenance of washrooms, furniture,library etc. Till now, we have adopted 12 schools under the ‘Rotary India Literacy



Under this project, Rotaractors help children of happy schools to develop in all aspects, including physical, social and emotional development, and make learning interesting and enjoyable for them.

From organizing various workshops/sessions to celebrating special days and festivals with the kids, this project takes care of everything.


This beautiful project was initiated in the tenure 2017-18 and its first center was at ‘JSS 38’. Our volunteers since then have regularly been visiting the centers to teach the students.

This project has seen tremendous growth and currently covers three centres (Chandigarh, Mohali and Dhakoli), transforming the lives of more than 80 students through the medium of education.


As the word suggests Ronhkan means light and happiness. We strive to be the stars of hope and light in the life of beautiful elderly people. We work for their physical,social and emotional well being. In this modern fast paced life where no one have time for others we visit different old age homes to make their life more fun and interesting.


Animal welfare, in its simplest form, is the duty of us humans to assure that the animals under our care are treated humanely and responsibly. Keeping this in mind, through our collaborations with organizations like PETA and SPCA, we aspire to promote our agenda to a wider audience, so that we encourage others to realise their duties too.

PANKH : udaan Soch ki

Project PANKH aims at creating a society where menstruation is seen as a natural process and the basic right of menstrual hygiene is not treated as a privilege or luxury.

Apart from the fact that this project has reached 550+ people through online & offline sessions, one of it’s major achievements  is being invited and Felicitated at ‘Round Table Conference on Women Empowerment’ by Ministry of Press Bureau and Information, Chandigarh. Adding on, the idea of this project has been covered by renowned media brands like ‘Indian Express’ and ‘Doordarshan’.

Cleanliness & Waste management

This initiative aims at creating a cleaner and healthier environment by spreading awareness regarding personal and surrounding hygiene amongst people. Reducing waste by using environment-friendly products and encouraging their use is also an important task of this team.

It organises various Tree Plantation and Cleanliness drives which add value to the society, and has successfully collaborated with many clubs and engaged a lot of people to serve society.


The project Interact/Leadership Development Programme, aims at creating leaders of tomorrow. We aim at instilling the quality of leadership into the students of schools that fall under tri-city. Rotaract provides youth with a platform to evolve into great leaders. Similarly, Interact aims at providing Rotaract-like exposure to the students at school level and groom them for future.



‘MITRA’ is a recent initiative added in the list of our projects with an aim to break the taboos and stigma surrounding mental health. The aim of the project is to create a safe space which enables people to come up and talk about their distress. The project focuses on curbing mental illness by enhancing mental well being.

The positive approach towards mental health which will make people more aware and liberate them from the stigma surrounding seeking help.



In a society where gender is a binary concept, there are many who still struggle to fit in this illusion. Thus, Pehchaan is a little initiative taken this year which aims to acknowledge and respect their identity and to build a society, where gender is seen as a spectrum.

We are chasing our aim through Sessions on WhatsApp, Webinars, Instagram lives, and some more innovative and interesting ways to broaden the concept of gender.

International Services

International Services is responsible for establishing, sustaining and enhancing social relationships with different clubs across the globe.

Rotary defines boundaries by naming them as District. Our club falls under District 3080. The aim of the project is to build a network which encourages diversity and promotes maintaining cordial relations with clubs throughout.  Some of the activities that we are involved in are Exchange Programmes (IDYE & ICYE), Joint Projects etc. Ventures like KIDO Impact, Himalayan Challenge and The Famous Rota Challenge involved more than 90 clubs from 36+ districts.