Vocational Services


“Child- Mom I have been selected in the interschool dance competition.
Mother-You need to focus on your subjects,learn them by heart and score well in exams.Stop involving in these useless things.
Child-But mom…”
In India,studies are given the first priority so far so that a person gets a good job and becomes
fully settled with family.Now-a-days,the student life keep on revolving around exams and
assignments creating more book worms.But one thing that is to be kept in mind is :
“Learning not only implies reading textbooks but it is a journey of gaining experience,becoming passionate about something,enhancing one’s character and exploring the talents.”
Chapters can be forgotten but nobody can take the skills out from you.They help you at every phase of your life.
One of the amazing and appreciative initiative was taken by the Rotaract Club Chandigarh
Himalayan when it started with clubs like Happy feet~for dance,Theatre,band and eloquence in order to promote the presentation of talents of the youth.There are no set barriers for the participants as all they need is talent and the passion to flow in it.The RCCH club use these vocational sections to create awareness about social issues and motivate others to inculcate the confidence of participation.The club organises various events where members get a chance to perform the best of their abilities.
Recently,a beautiful diwali week event~Roshni was held where all the committees showcased their brilliance while delivering the message of ‘light up with hope’ to the society.
The club never gets tired in doing good as these days too the participants are involved in
promoting the greatest fundraising event POTC 6.0 improvising their skills while at the same
time showing devotion to humanity

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